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The oldest shrine in Japan
Omiwa Jinja Shrine

Said to be the oldest shrine in Japan, it is located at the western foot of Mt. Miwa. The shrine is known for its deity of nation bulidling, medical care, brewing, hoyoke (the protection for removing calamities related to direction), and all human life. It is known also as the Top Shirine (Ichi-no-miya) of Yamato, or Miwa-Myojin. The shrine's object of worship is Mt. Miwa, so while there is no main shrine, Mt. Miwa is worshipped through the Mitsudorii (Three Unified Torii) inside of the worship hall (an important cultural property), conveying a sense of how ancient faith worked to the present day. The enshrined deity is Omononushi-no-Okami.

Address : 1422 Miwa, Sakurai

  • JR
    Tennoji Station
  • Yamatoji Line
    for Takada
    About 35 min
  • JR
    Takada Station
  • Sakurai Line
    for Nara
    About 13 min
  • JR
    Miwa Station
  • Walk
    About 10 min
  • Omiwa Shrine