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Enshrining the Shinto god of teeth
Shibagaki-Jinja Shrine

Reportedly built at the end of the 5th century by the imperial command of the 24th emperor, Emperor Ninken. The shrine's land is said to be the land of 18th Emperor Hanzei's palace, Tajihi Shibagaki no Miya, and in the early Edo period it was visited by the poet Ihara Saikaku, who composed a poem about Shibagaki no Miya. The Hajinja shrine is also famous: it is said that touching the teeth of the stone-built "Hagami" on the shrine grounds will grant strong teeth.

Address : 7-12-22 Ueda, Matsubara

  • Osaka Abenobashi
  • Kintetsu 
    Osaka Line
    About 9 min
  • Kawachi-Matsubara
  • Walk
    About 8 min
  • Shibagaki-Jinja