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The final resting place of Prince Shotoku
Eihuku-ji Temple (Mausoleum of Shotoku-Taishi (Prince Shotoku)) 

Established by Empress Suiko as a temple to protect the tomb of Shotoku Taishi. Prince Shotoku made this site his tomb while he was alive, and rests there now with his mother and the empress. It has received the worship of successive generations of emperors, with Emperor Shomu building a monastery there. It has long been considered a sacred ground for believers of Shotoku Taishi, even receiving visits from many high-ranking historical priests such as Kukai and Shinran. Even in the present it sees many visitors at events such as the annual Daijo ceremony. The temple holds many valuable works of art, including the nationally-designated important cultural properties of the Shoryoden hall and pagoda, and the building roof tiles.

Address : 2146 Taishi-cho, Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka

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