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Learn about Japan's oldest highway
Takenouchi Highway History Museum

A museum that introduces the history of Japan's oldest official road, Takenouchi Kaido, as well as the town of Taishi, also known as Oryo no Tani and Chikatsu Asuka. A large number of Takenouchi Kaido-related materials are displayed here, introducing the highway through four distinct themes ("The Stone Road," "The Oldest Highway/Avenue," "The Road of Taishi Worship," and "The People's Road") that clearly explain the highway's changes from its origin to the present day.

Address : 1855 Yamada, Taishi-cho, Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka

  • Osaka Abenobashi Station
  • Kintetsu
    Minami Osaka Line
    About 30 min
  • Kaminotaishi Station
  • Kongo Bus
    About 10 min
  • Rokumaibashi
  • Walk
    About 15 min
  • Takenouchi Highway History Museum