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An ancient mounded tomb floating on pristine water
Hakuchoryo Kofun

Also known as Maenoyama Kofun, this is a 200m-long late fifth century keyhole shaped mounded tomb. The original construction had embankments along the outside of the surrounding moat, and also a second surrounding moat encircling the outside of the embankments. The tumulus is two-storied, ornamented with rows of cylinder haniwa clay figures and fukiishi stones. One can see the tumulus reflected beautifully on the water in the vast moat from the Takenouchi Kaido, which runs along the north side of the burial mound. While it is in the heart of the city, this spot allows visitors to feel close to history.

Address : 3 Karusato, Habikino

  • Osaka Abenobashi
  • Kintetsu 
    Osaka Line
    About 15 min
  • Furuichi Station
  • Walk
    About 5 min
  • Hakuchoryo Kofun