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The legendary well used to dye the "five-colored lotus threads"
Sekko-ji Temple

Sekkoji was constructed at the imperial order of Emperor Tenji. The legend of the faithful Chujohime remains embedded in this temple, where one can find the Some-no-i well the princess used to dye her lotus threads into five colors and the Ito-kake sakura tree where she hung the dyed threads to dry. This temple is also known as Somedera (or "color-dying temple") due to this story. The oldest stone Miroku (Maitreya) statue in Japan remains here as well. In the spring, over 400 kinds of peonies bloom at the temple, and the "kan botan" winter peonies are also famed for their magnificent beauty.

Address : 387 Someno

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  • Sekko-ji Temple