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The tale of Chujo-hime - the Japanese Cinderella
Taimadera Temple NeriKuyo(Requiem Parade)

An event held every year at Taimadera Temple on April 14th, the anniversary of Chujohime's death. The event represents legendary noble lady Chujohime, who wove the Taima mandala, as she passed on to the Pure Land as living flesh at 29 years old. A long bridge is laid from the Mandala-do (representing the Pure Land) leading to the Shaba-do (representing the world we live in), and bodhisattva wearing masks will walk in procession over it.

Address : 1263 Taima, Katsuragi

  • Osaka Abenobashi
  • Kintetsu 
    Osaka Line
    About 40 min
  • Taimadera
  • Walk
    About 15 min
  • Taimadera