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See the birthplace of sumo wrestling firsthand
Sumo Museum "Kehaya-za"

Sumo museums are a rarity across Japan. The Nihon Shoki historical records contain a description of the origin of sumo: a contest of strength between Taima no Kehaya and Nomi no Sukune. This museum was built in connection with the fact that Taima no Kehaya was born in Taima in Katsuragi. It has a regulation-size dohyo sumo ring, and all visitors can freely step into the ring regardless of age or gender and experience sumo for themselves. There are also many sumo-related materials on display in the museum.

Address : 83-1 Taima, Katsuragi

  • Osaka Abenobashi
  • Kintetsu 
    Osaka Line
    About 40 min
  • Taimadera
  • Walk
    About 5 min
  • Katsuragi City
    Sumo Museum