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Experience the natural beauty of the four seasons
Mt. Nijo

A mountain spanning over Taishi and Katsuragi in Nara. It is a well-known mountain that appears often in the Man'yoshu anthology and is sometimes called "Futakami-yama." Lily-of-the-valley, Japanese clover, and hydrangeas bloom here, allowing visitors to take in the richness of nature from season to season. One can enjoy a massive, unbroken panoramic view spanning from Osaka Plain to Nara Basin from the open space at the peak of Medake. Medake peak on the Taishi side is 474m high, and is often visited on family trips.

Address : Kamori, Katsuragi, Nara

  • Osaka Abenobashi Station
  • Kintetsu
    Minami Osaka Line
    About 30 min
  • Kaminotaishi Station
  • Kongo Bus
    About 10 min
  • Rokumaibashi
  • Walk
    About 40 min
  • Mt. Nijo