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Feast on exquisite soba noodles
Kasa Sobadokoro

Uses 100% flavorful buckwheat cultivated locally in Kasa and processed with a traditional stone mortar milling method. In the fall, visitors can see the sweet white flowers stretching across the surface of the 20-hectare buckwheat field, with freshly-harvested buckwheat offered in mid-November. There are also plenty of menu items that can be eaten right away, so visitors can enjoy eating low-priced yet flavorful and delicious buckwheat.

Address : 4408 Kasa, Sakurai

  • JR
    Tennoji Station
  • Yamatoji Line
    for Takada
    About 35 min
  • JR
    Takada Station
  • Sakurai Line
    for Nara
    About 13 min
  • JR
    Sakurai Station
  • Drive
    About 40 min
  • Kasa Sobadokoro