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One of the three great temples to Monju in Japan
Abe Monjuin Temple, Manjusri/Monju (National Treasure) and Matcha Tea Service

Built as the Abe family temple in 645, this is one of Japan's oldest temples, also known as the first  of Japan's three sacred grounds of Monju (Manjusri). Famed for granting knowledge to many students making efforts in their studies, students preparing for exams often visit to pray for success. It is also the temple of birth for the Nara period envoy to Tang, Abe no Nakamaro, and the Heian period diviner, Abe no Seimei.Visitors can view the biggest statue of Monju (Manjusri) in Japan (National Treasure) and receive light refreshments of matcha and Japanese confections.

Address : Abe, Sakurai

  • JR
    Tennoji Station
  • Yamatoji Line
    for Takada
    About 35 min
  • JR
    Takada Station
  • Sakurai Line
    for Nara
    About 13 min
  • JR
    Sakurai Station
  • Walk
    About 20 min
  • Abe
    Monju-in Temple