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A power spot connected to the foundation of Japan
Kashihara-jingu Shrine

Located in Mt. Unebi's southeastern foothills, the main hall and Kagura sacred dance hall are made of unfinished, natural wood with cypress bark roofs and stand on a massive 500,000 square meter precinct. These features harmonize with the gravel roads approaching the shrine and the greenery of the deep forest in the background, creating an incredible crispness and a dignified atmosphere.This shrine was erected in 1890 based on the account of the Nihon Shoki, which records that the Emperor Jimmu (said to be the first Emperor of Japan) was enthroned at the site, Kashihara-gu. The main hall and the Bunkaden treasure storehouse are designated as important cultural properties. The enshrined deities of Kashihara-jingu are Emperor Jimmu and his wife, Hime Tatara Isuzu Hime no Mikoto.

Address : 934 Kume-cho, Kashihara

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