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Experience traditional Japanese tea ceremony
Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko (SAKAI RISHO NO MORI)

A culture and tourism facility that teaches about the history and culture of Sakai through the lives and likeness of the Sakai-born tea ceremony master Sen no Rikyu and Yosano Akiko, the poet who paved the way for modern literature.

Visitors can take part in a seated tea ceremony where they can taste matcha and Japanese confections, or the tea room etiquette experience (reservation required) where they can perform the tea ceremony themselves.

Address : 2-1-1 Shukuinchonishi, Sakai-ku, Sakai

  • Osaka Abenobashi
  • Walk About 7 min
  • Hankai Tramway Uehommachi Line Tennoji Ekimae
  • Hankai Tramway Uehommachi Line
    About 33 min
  • Hankai Tramway Hankai Line Shukuin Station
  • Walk
    About 1min
  • Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko